About the Artists

white fort
Like many great bands, Yuriy and Artyom met in college and started making music while procrastinating on their studies. Their first major performance was at a national folk festival in Novosibirsk. They took first prize for "Best New Band," but were promptly put on probation back at school. The Fine Arts Academy was not thrilled that they were sullying their stern classical training by playing rock and jazz.

The boys created 3 studio CDs and a ballet score, then took their act to Moscow. While performing at a swanky art exhibit, they were discovered by an American music promoter. This ultimately led to an album produced in the US, under the band name "Two Siberians." The boys also released more albums at home, including several film and television soundtracks.

The duet disbanded in 2008 for a well-deserved sabbatical. They reunited on stage for their first live show in 5 years in April, 2012. They are currently touring Russia, with plans for the United States and Australia in the works.